VERTINI WHEELS were born from an obsession to create styling wheels by deploying craftsmanship and technology to the highest standard and settling for nothing less than absolute perfection. Thus, Vertini wheels embody the finest elements that luxury wheel can possess. These qualities seem fitting for individual who has a strong preference for full size German and Japanese luxury sedans and wanting more than just another mass production vehicle. Vertini wheels offer more exclusive individual styling more exciting and brave design, to stand out from the crowd and be noticed.  

All new for 2013, the Vertini Dynasty wheels are breaking new ground in cast wheel technology.

The new wheel offers a unique inner lip that mounts a flowing row of rivets, that brings this wheel to the next level. The rivets come in a chrome finish for the silver and a beautiful gold finish in the slate Grey and machine slate grey . The 7 spoke design also boasts an engraved Vertini logo on the spoke that’s let’s everyone know what quality wheels you are running.

The Dynasty is available in 3 different finishes,Mate silver machine,slate grey and slate grey machine. Sizes are also available in 19” and 20” staggered.

  Matte Sliver
Machined Face
  Slate Grey
Machined Face
  Slate Grey              

Stretching results in an improved grain structure of the aluminum, which makes for a stronger, thinner, and lighter forged-like rim barrel.

The final product is more durable on impact end enhances overall vehicle performance.


Heat end coating is applied to the spin-forming drum. Cast wheel is mounted on the drum and ready to be formed.


Pressure is applied to the rim barrel. Specially designated hydraulic rollers are used to stretch the wheel by applying pressure to the rim barrel.


The wheels properties are compressed and stretched to achieve the desired width.

  19 X 8.5 112/5H 114.3/5H 120/5H 130/5H $525

In addition to the right list,if you want to make sure other sizes,please contact dealers around.
  19 X 9.0 112/5H 114.3/5H 120/5H 130/5H $525
  19 X 9.5 112/5H 114.3/5H 120/5H 130/5H $575
  20 X 8.5 112/5H 114.3/5H 120/5H 130/5H $565
  20 X 9.0 112/5H 114.3/5H 120/5H 130/5H $565
  20 X 10.5 112/5H 114.3/5H 120/5H 130/5H $645
  22 X 9.0 112/5H 114.3/5H 120/5H 130/5H $725
  22 X 9.5 112/5H 114.3/5H 120/5H 130/5H $745
  22 X 10.5 112/5H 114.3/5H 120/5H 130/5H $785
  VERTINI WHEELS with 20 years of experience in the wheel industry,
We strives to create new and uniqui designs.

We will push the limits on fitment, colors, and styles.

Our goals are simple offer great customer service, quality, great looking
designs, and one of best wheel craftsmanship in the market today.