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Vertini Wheels offers a limited lifetime warranty on the structure of the wheels to the original purchaser. This warranty warrants that the products manufactured by Vertini Wheels are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use.  

Wheel finish is covered for one year from the original date of purchase, this applies to manufacturer\’s paint or powder coated finish.

These warranties are only valid to the original purchaser of the wheels and are not transferable. Warranty is at the discretion of Vertini Wheels, both structure and finish is limited to repair or replacement. Discontinued items are not covered under warranty.


Vertini Wheels does not offer a “road hazard warranty.” Any damages from neglect, potholes, incorrect/harsh chemicals, collision with road debris such as but not limited to wood piece, steel plates, etc. will not be covered under warranty.


Recommended cleaning includes only mild soap and water.  Usage of certain wheel cleaning agents can/may damage the wheel’s top coat.


Tire and wheel widths must fall within the recommendation by the tire manufacturer. Damage that resulted from improper sizes and combinations will not be covered under warranty. Maintaining proper inflation is essential in reducing stress to the wheels. Damages that may incur from improper installation or mounting will not be covered under warranty.

Vertini Wheels highly recommends an inspection and test fitment prior to mounting tires onto the wheels. Please ensure that wheels do not hit any inner suspension components or brake components and that the back pad seats properly onto your vehicle’s hub.


For any possible claims, please notify the dealer where the wheels were purchased from. All warranty claims must be sent with a copy of your receipt.  The dealer will then obtain a RMA number from us, we will then receive the product back where we will need up to 7 business days for inspection to warrant the claim.

Vertini Wheels is not liable for expenses involved for the warranty claim. These expenses includes but not limited to shipping costs, wheel / tire removal and re-installation, loss of use, etc. Any expenses that may have incurred will be handled on a case by case basis with the original dealer.